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Reading Time: 3 minutes Oral and dental health treatment and prevention. Maintaining optimal oral and dental health through regular dental check-ups, diligent oral hygiene practices, wearing sunscreen lip balm and staying hydrated are all essential for preserving your radiant smile.   However, even with these practices and preventative measures, the inevitable tooth pain or cold sore can arise. TOOTHACHE   A toothache can be very painful, and dentists aren’t always immediately available. Tooth pain can arise from a variety.

Why People Love Telemedicine

Reading Time: 3 minutes Why People Love Telemedicine. TOP 5 REASONS PEOPLE LOVE TELEMEDICINE 1 Quick, Secure, Quality Care   Most visits are reviewed in under 2 hours. We have built our website to comply with HIPAA rules regarding access to and sharing of any personal information. Furthermore, both patients and physicians need to login with a username and password before viewing any patient-related information. All information is encrypted. Rest assured that your private medical information will remain.

Prevention is Key

Reading Time: 4 minutes Prevention. Prevention is often more effective and could be less costly than treatment, especially when dealing with various health conditions and diseases. Taking proactive steps to maintain good health, such as adopting a healthy lifestyle, and avoiding known risk factors, can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing illnesses.   Here are just some of the prevention services MDAnywhere has to offer: LICE   With college students returning, unfortunately lice will too. There are three.

Skin Conditions and Rashes

Reading Time: 3 minutes Skin Conditions and Rashes. During the summertime, several types of rashes are commonly observed due to various factors such as temperature, environment and exposure. Heat rash, also known as prickly heat, is a frequent occurrence, resulting from blocked sweat ducts and excessive perspiration. Another common rash is sunburn, which develops due to overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Sunburn causes the skin to become red, tender, and painful. Additionally, swimmer’s itch is a.
Woman sneezing from seasonal allergies

Seasonal Allergies

Reading Time: 2 minutes Seasonal Allergies. For people with allergies, spring showers and summer flowers bring sneezing, itching and a lot of tissues. WHAT ARE SEASONAL ALLERGIES? Seasonal allergies, also known as allergic rhinitis or hay fever, is a common condition that occurs when the immune system overreacts to allergens that are present in the environment during certain seasons. These allergens can include pollen from trees, grasses, and weeds, as well as mold spores. When a person with.

Traveling? Be Prepared

Reading Time: 3 minutes Traveling? – Be Prepared. MDAnywhere has you covered! Being medically prepared for a trip is of utmost importance to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Prior to embarking on any journey, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional who can provide medication for prevention and treatment. Additionally, it is prudent to pack a well-stocked travel first aid kit containing essentials like bandages, antiseptics, pain relievers, and any prescription medications. Being aware of.
Man who needs anxiety medication

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – What you need to know. Who does ED affect? ED can be an embarrassing and challenging problem for men. Athough this disorder is highly age dependent, it affects men of all ages. Up to 10% of men below the age of 40, 20% at the age of 40, and increases every decade until 50% are affected by the age of 70. It affects approximately 50% of men during their lifetime..
sick african american businessman coughing at workplace with medicines

Sick Days

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sick Days are Important for Your Health. You realize that you’re feeling sick, or just not feeling yourself, and probably should take a sick day, but don’t. Right? A sick day is often thought of as a last resort when a headache or cold symptoms have us feeling tired or unable to focus on work. Employees feel pressure to go to work for many reasons. They may even feel guilt for calling in sick..

Prescription Refills

Reading Time: 3 minutes Prescription Refill IMPORTANCE OF MEDICATION REFILLS Studies and surveys have demonstrated that over half of the prescription medicines dispensed in the United States are not taken as prescribed and 24% of patients do not keep up with their refills. Nonadherence to a provider recommended medication regimen, as well as not keeping up with timely refills, can be detrimental to one’s health, especially for people with cardiovascular risk factors and/or diabetes. What’s a Prescription Refill?.
Woman with a urinary tract infection (UTI) or bladder infection holding her lower stomach appearing to be in pain

UTI 101:  Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Reading Time: 3 minutes Urinary Tract Infection Each year, urinary tract infections (UTIs) cause more than 8 million visits to healthcare providers and are one of the most common bacterial infections. At best, a UTI is a short-lived and painful inconvenience, but left untreated, these infections can spread, causing much larger problems. Formerly, medical providers could only treat these infections at an office visit. Telemedicine now provides an avenue for expedited treatment! Telemedicine helps reduce the number of.