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sick african american businessman coughing at workplace with medicines

Sick Days

SICK DAYS ARE IMPORTANT FOR YOUR HEALTH You know you’re feeling sick, or just not feeling yourself, and probably should take a sick day, but don’t. Right? A sick day is often thought of as a last resort when a headache or cold symptoms have us feeling tired or unable to focus on work. Employees feel guilt or pressure to go to work for many reasons. This is especially true due to the on-going staffing crisis. Remote employees feel the same guilt or pressure to stay connected because communication through email and phones is relatively simple to access and/or retrieve..
Woman with a urinary tract infection (UTI) or bladder infection holding her lower stomach appearing to be in pain

UTI 101:  Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Urinary Tract Infection Each year, urinary tract infections (UTIs) cause more than 8 million visits to healthcare providers and are one of the most common bacterial infections. At best, a UTI is a short-lived and painful inconvenience, but left untreated, these infections can spread, causing much larger problems. Formerly, medical providers could only treat these infections at an office visit. Telemedicine now provides an avenue for expedited treatment! Telemedicine helps reduce the number of hospitalizations, cut costs, and improve patients’ health. Learn more about telemedicine and how it works. UTI 101 A UTI is an infection in any part of.