Why People Love Telemedicine.


1 Quick, Secure, Quality Care
Most visits are reviewed in under 2 hours. We have built our website to comply with HIPAA rules regarding access to and sharing of any personal information. Furthermore, both patients and physicians need to login with a username and password before viewing any patient-related information. All information is encrypted. Rest assured that your private medical information will remain private.
2 No Appointment or Video Needed
Our medical team understands that everyone's schedule is different. Basically, our doctors will work around your schedule to provide convenient and inexpensive medical evaluations and treatment. MDAnywhere is asynchronous and does not require a video chat. Learn more about asynchronous telemedicine below. Submit a treatment request at your convenience, any time!
3 Avoidance of Crowded Urgent Care and Doctor's Offices
Avoid crowded urgent care and doctor's offices for your medication refills, work leave notes, and common medical conditions. Our team is ready to help you get your treatment plan completed quickly and easily. Therefore, request a visit from WHEREVER you are!
4 Won't Push or Sell Specific Medications
MDAnywhere is here for YOU. Unlike typical telemedicine pharmacies, we are not a pharmacy. Moreover, we won't sell you on any specific medications and we do not sell, deliver, or profit from pharmaceuticals.
5 Low Cost and No Monthly Fees or Subscriptions
Our doctors' consultation fees are $29-$59 for medical services and $29-$79 for laboratory services. Period. We have no hidden charges and do not require a membership or subscription. In other words, our doctor's fee is less than most clinic co-pays.
No service = No charge
In short, you will only be charged if our doctors can treat you.

Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Telemedicine

What's the difference? Asynchronous and synchronous telemedicine are two different approaches to delivering healthcare services remotely, using technology to connect healthcare providers with patients.
Asynchronous telemedicine offers several advantages, including increased convenience and flexibility for both patients and healthcare providers, as it eliminates the need for simultaneous scheduling and allows patients to seek care at their convenience. It also facilitates more comprehensive and thoughtful responses from healthcare professionals, as they have the time to review patient information thoroughly, which can lead to more accurate diagnoses and treatment recommendations. Additionally, asynchronous telemedicine can improve access to healthcare in remote or underserved areas and enable efficient management of non-urgent and chronic health conditions, contributing to more patient-centered and cost-effective healthcare delivery.
Compared to synchronous telemedicine which involves real-time communication between the healthcare provider and the patient. This can take several forms, including video calls and/or phone calls. Consequently, not ideal for non-urgent or follow-up care, as scheduling can be a challenge, and not as convenient for patients.
Lastly there's no need to make your bed or fix your hair. Visit MDAnywhere any time from anywhere! 
All our physicians at MDAnywhere are trained and board certified in emergency or family medicine and can provide treatment options for a variety of health concerns. With a current user rating of 4.9, there are many reasons why people love MDAnywhere!

Learn how MDAnywhere can treat you with medication prescribed IMMEDIATELY and sent to the pharmacy of your choice the same day. No appointment, subscription or video chat ever needed.  


Disclaimer: The content provided above is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice.  Please consult with your healthcare provider or visit MDAnywhere for treatment.