You realize that you’re feeling sick, or just not feeling yourself, and probably should take a sick day, but don’t. Right? A sick day is often thought of as a last resort when a headache or cold symptoms have us feeling tired or unable to focus on work.

Employees feel pressure to go to work for many reasons. They may even feel guilt for calling in sick. This is especially true due to the on-going staffing crisis. Remote employees feel the same urgency to stay connected because communication through email and phones is relatively simple to access and/or easy to retrieve. Disconnecting from electronics can be critical for maintaining your health. In addition to physical ailments, people are just as likely to need sick days for their mental health too.

STRESS can cause SICK DAYS and SICK DAYS can cause STRESS

Sick days can reduce “presenteeism” which is when an employee goes to work feeling sick. Presenteeism can be dangerous because it lengthens the amount of time one is ill and in turn reduces productivity. It also leads to the illness spreading throughout the office and infecting other employees.

Understandably there are an array of challenges one faces when taking a sick day, including losing income, childcare, and going to doctors’ offices. It can feel very stressful or overwhelming to take a day off – even when you genuinely don’t feel well. Again, there are personal consequences when you don't take the time you need to let your body rest and heal. So, how can you reduce sick day stress?


Give your supervisor as much notice as possible or try to find coverage for the day. Not leaving your supervisor or co-workers scrambling can limit the stress for all.


Telehealth has improved healthcare and gives people better access to health care by improving convenience and stability. Don’t waste the day making and waiting for an appointment; take the day to rest.  Sometimes accessing telemedicine while at home reduces the chance of spreading an infection and can be the simplest and best plan for many medical conditions., is available from any device, anytime and anywhere. Less disruption=less stress. They can help with getting the treatment needed, including prescriptions, refills or providing work notes for missed days. Get the rest needed without leaving your home.

Learn more about telemedicine and how it works.

It is important to recognize that it is not only okay to take a sick day but also very necessary when you aren’t feeling well.


Disclaimer: The content provided above is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice.  Please consult with your healthcare provider or visit MDAnywhere for treatment.