Decades ago...

When a patient became ill, primary care doctors were just a phone call away, and were often available for immediate visits or even house calls. Their patients received care in a timely, discreet and personal manner.

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A lot has changed since then

Instead of private practices, many doctors now belong to large health groups which value profit over the personal care of their patients.

Medical facilities and technology have progressed greatly over the past few decades, but so has the number of large health systems. The health care industry has become more industrial, while losing focus on the immediate needs of the patient.

It is harder than ever for doctors to care for patients with unexpected illnesses. Years ago, patients who were unable to see their own physicians for urgent problems visited the ER. More recently, urgent care centers have become a more popular alternative.

Fast, private, quality health care

Our team has built this service with a vision. We believe that patients with routine and unexpected medical conditions should be taken care of quickly, evaluated thoughtfully, and treated with discretion. Access Medical Associates, with their combined extensive clinical experience and respect for personalized care, by using MDAnywhere's cutting-edge technology, was able to realize that vision.

We bring the personal attention, privacy and efficiency of the house call back to you

Our founders hold over 60 years of combined Emergency Department and Urgent Care experience. They understand the needs of the acutely ill patient and recognize the unnecessary expense, delay and inconvenience of Emergency Department and Urgent Care medicine. We have worked among the crowded, germ-filled waiting rooms and hallways, witnessed lines of shivering people waiting for the local urgent care to open its doors on a cold winter morning, and heard our patients' concerns over rising health care costs.

MDAnywhere brings you and the physician together, for less than the cost of a typical insurance co-payment, to manage your routine or urgent online medical treatment with no waiting. Our service works on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device and is available at any time of day without video, chatting, or need for an appointment. You can get an online prescription, a lab test or vaccination order, a doctor's note, and doctor's advice, from your home or your office, from a subway car or a soccer field, any time of day or night. In short, it's a house call on demand, anytime and anywhere.

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We have heard your voice and have redefined the doctor-patient connection.

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What we proudly are:

MDAnywhere is an affordable, patient centered telemedicine service that provides quick visits and treatment. Basically, a modern healthcare alternative. Easy visits, expert care, and low, transparent fees are our top priorities. 100% of the consultations are with board certified physicians and provided without appointments.

The MDAnywhere difference:

MDAnywhere is here for YOU. Our team strives to prescribe the lowest cost options whenever possible and takes great pride in delivering care when it is convenient for you. Accordingly, we offer extended service hours and short response times. We are not a pharmacy, nor do we sell, deliver, or profit from pharmaceuticals. 

The MDAnywhere team provides accessible medical care and extended hours every day! The medical team reviews requests from 7am - 1am EST every day of the year. All medical evaluations are provided by Access Medical Associates, PLLC.

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