ED Treatment and Meds

Online Erectile Dysfunction medication*

ED is common and occurs at any age. However, asking for help for ED may be difficult. Your request will be handled with discretion and privacy during a confidential online evaluation. Most men with ED can be treated. Ages 25-60. ($29/1 month treatment consult or $69/3 month treatment consult)

*This service is not available in the state of South Carolina

Erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment.

  • Quick physician visits and prescription treatment
  • Complete your visit in minutes without video or voice calls
  • Answer a few questions to complete a brief online assessment and your treatment can begin as quickly as today
  • Very low cost generic medication is generally recommended
    • Sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil
  • Brand names can also be prescribed
    • Viagra® and Cialis®
  • Multiple visit options:  1 & 3 month treatments available
  • When a generic prescription is combined with our 90 day treatment plan the total cost is less than $1/day
  • Research pricing at your local pharmacy, as medication prices vary greatly, being typically more expensive at major pharmacy chains. Use RxSaver® or similar discount prescription sites to find your best savings
  • Complete a visit to begin regaining control of your ED

Important facts about erectile dysfunction:

  • ED, or impotence, is when you cannot achieve or sustain an erection for sexual activity
  • ED and cardiovascular disease share many of the same risk factors
    • High blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and smoking are a few of the shared risk factors
    • It is essential that you have clearance from your physician to engage in sexual activity; this includes a physical exam and screening for heart disease
  • New ED symptoms may be a sign of a more serious medical or psychological illness
  • Any NEW occurrence of ED should be evaluated in person by a licensed medical provider
  • For additional information about ED, CLICK HERE

Is this treatment right for me?

  • ED can occur at any age and most will see immediate benefits with treatment
  • Online treatment age 25+
  • This treatment combined with a healthy lifestyle will produce better and longer lasting results.
    • Engaging in regular exercise and following a healthy diet will provide additional benefits
    • Avoidance of nicotine, tobacco products, and alcohol is strongly encouraged
    • Avoidance of recreational drugs is mandatory
  • Consultation fee includes a prescription only (medication not included)
    • Low cost medication available at a variety of discount pharmacies
  • No subscription fees.

What else should I know?

  • Our assessment will help determine if you are a good candidate for online treatment by our doctors
  • Sildenafil (generic Viagra®) in the proper dose is very effective for ED ("off label use" of generic sildenafil)
  • Generic treatment is recommended for its low cost, effectiveness, and safety
  • Other generic and non-generic ED treatments are available
  • A standard prescription is for a 1 month supply
  • 90 day prescription, or a 3 month supply, is also available
  • Intermittent dosing or daily dosing regimens with tadalafil available
  • Other prescription treatments/dosing regimens are available upon request
  • Just answer a few questions to get started with your online visit
Portrait of young Asian woman sitting at a desk with laptop and using mobile phone. Asian businesswoman working in modern office. Requesting a prescription refill or other service such as motion sickness prevention, COVID treatment with Paxlovid, urinary tract infection, bladder infection, UTI, yeast infection treatment.
Step 1

Select a treatment or medical service on MDAnywhere.com

Begin by selecting one of our many available services. If you need some guidance, detailed descriptions of the services and their respective treatments or tests are available for your review. Consultation fees from $29.

Patient or online doctor using a tablet computer. Patient may be requesting an online prescription refill or other service e.g. motion sickness prevention, COVID treatment with Paxlovid, urinary tract infection, UTI, bladder infection or yeast infection treatment. May be online doctor providing service.
Step 2

Tell us about your visit including any symptoms and medical history

Our online assessments average 5 minutes and will determine if you are a good candidate for immediate medical care. We will never share your protected health information with anyone but your medical team.

Online doctor using a laptop to provide an online prescription refill or other service e.g. motion sickness prevention, COVID treatment with Paxlovid, urinary tract infection, UTI, bladder infection or yeast infection treatment.
Step 3

Complete your health profile by entering contact, pharmacy and billing information

The medical team will review your visit after checkout and build a treatment plan which may include prescriptions, lab orders, aftercare instructions, and/or a doctor's note. They will contact you if more information is needed.

Remember to verify your email address/account by clicking on the MDAnywhere link in your inbox.

***You must verify your email address when your account is created***

The treatment team will contact you using our secure messaging system. Enable text messaging for the quickest service.

What happens next?

Creating an account and completing your visit:

  • Create an MDAnywhere account at any time 
  • Answer a few medical interview questions and provide your medical history & billing information to complete your visit
  • Remember, you do not need insurance or an appointment to complete your visit
  • Once these two steps are complete AND you have received your treatment request confirmation, a physician will review your entire visit
  • We share your treatment plan with you minutes once the physician reviews your request
  • We notify you when any additional information is needed

After your visit is complete:

  • Remember to routinely check for new messages in your patient portal because this will expedite your care
  • You may message your doctor for up to 2 weeks after completing your treatment, in case you have any concerns
  • The doctor sends prescriptions or vaccine orders electronically to your pharmacy
  • Medication cost is NOT included and is thus charged directly by your pharmacy
  • We send a visit summary with any new prescriptions (e.g. medication for a UTI or yeast infection), prescription refills or lab/vaccine orders directly to your portal
  • Doctor's notes are sent to the Messages section of your portal by the end of the day, if not sooner
  • Treatment for any additional health concern requires a separate visit
  • We do not charge you when online treatment is not recommended
  • We protect your private information, store it securely, and certainly keep it confidential (HIPAA compliant)

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What we proudly are:

MDAnywhere is an affordable, patient centered telemedicine service that provides quick visits and treatment. Basically, a modern healthcare alternative. Easy visits, expert care, and low, transparent fees are our top priorities. 100% of the consultations are with board certified physicians and provided without appointments.

The MDAnywhere difference:

MDAnywhere is here for YOU. Our team strives to prescribe the lowest cost options whenever possible and takes great pride in delivering care when it is convenient for you. Accordingly, we offer extended service hours and short response times. We are not a pharmacy, nor do we sell, deliver, or profit from pharmaceuticals. 

The MDAnywhere team provides accessible medical care and extended hours every day! The medical team reviews requests from 7am - 1am EST every day of the year. All medical evaluations are provided by Access Medical Associates, PLLC.

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