Poison Ivy

Following contact with Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac plants or their oils, a very itchy and persistent rash occurs. This rash may appear anywhere on your body. OTC medications and creams do not provide much relief. With early treatment, prescription oral steroid medication can reduce the itch, improve the rash, and lessen the chance of infection. ($35)

What causes poison ivy?

  • These three belong to the plant family called Toxicodendron and cause "Poison Ivy Dermatitis"
  • Urushiol is the irritating compound in these plants and is the cause of the allergic rash
  • Skin exposure to the leaves or any plant parts allows the toxic oil to enter the skin
  • Spread from a contaminated animal’s fur, soiled clothing, or garden tools/gloves can also trigger this rash
  • Most common plant based dermatitis
  • Symptoms typically occur 12-48 hours after exposure
  • Intense itching and redness at first
  • Later, small blisters can appear that can rupture and ooze clear fluid
  • Rash can be in streaks or patchy
  • Some swelling can occur around the rash
  • The rash can persist for 2-3 weeks

What can I expect?

  • Our online assessment will help determine if you are a good candidate for treatment
  • Treatment with an oral steroid medication may help reduce your rash, swelling, and severe itching and allow you to recover as quickly as possible
  • Typically, the intense itch and rash will improve within 24 hours of treatment. It is possible that the rash may persist for 1-2 weeks, but with much milder symptoms
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