Sinus Infection

If you are suffering with sinus congestion or pain following a cold or severe allergies, you may have a sinus infection. Treatment with prescription medications, including antibiotics at times, may speed your recovery. ($29)

What Causes a Sinus Infection?

  • Viral infections (most common)
  • Bacterial infections (less common)
    • Occur when sinuses are inflamed
    • Symptoms that get better and then suddenly worsen may indicate that you have sinusitis
  • Can lead to other very serious infections if left untreated
  • Some sinus infections require antibiotic treatment

Who can benefit from this treatment?

  • People with bacterial sinusitis who may require antibiotics
  • People with uncomfortable sinus pressure
  • Our physicians will determine if you need treatment with antibiotics or other medications and alert you if your symptoms may be due to something more serious

What can I expect?

  • Our online assessment will help determine if you are a good candidate for treatment
  • You may be prescribed an antibiotic and/or other medications
  • Sometimes, based on your symptoms, it may be recommended that antibiotics be used in a delayed fashion, if needed.
  • Just answer a few questions to get started with your online visit

What happens next?

  • Create an MDAnywhere account. Required on your first visit only and can be completed at any time, even in advance
  • Complete your online visit by answering a few medical interview questions and providing your medical history
  • Once these two steps are complete, a physician will review your entire visit and treatment request
  • Your treatment plan will be shared with you minutes after the physician reviews your request
  • You will be notified if there is any additional information needed
  • Any necessary prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy
  • If, at any point, online treatment is not recommended, you will not be charged
  • Rest assured, your private information will be protected, stored securely, and kept confidential

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