Z-Men’s Hair Loss Treatment Online

Two thirds of men will notice hair loss or thinning by age 35. An easy to use once a day medication, finasteride, slows or reverses hair loss in men.

How does thinning hair improve in appearance?

  • Most men will achieve significant hair regrowth
  • Some will have slowing of additional hair loss
  • Each hair strand will become thicker and longer
  • Continued treatment helps maintain results

Which medication is prescribed and why?

  • Finasteride 1mg taken orally once a day
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Side effects are very rare and usually reverse after discontinuing the therapy.
  • May continue to use OTC hair restoration creams

What should I expect?

  • Our online assessment will help determine if you are a good candidate for treatment
  • Over the next several months, hair should become thicker and fuller
  • Continued treatment will help maintain results
  • Each prescription is for a 3 month supply
  • Just answer a few questions to get started with your online visit

What happens next?

  • Create an MDAnywhere account. Required on your first visit only and can be completed at any time, even in advance
  • Complete your online visit by answering a few medical interview questions and providing your medical history
  • Once these two steps are complete, a physician will review your entire visit and treatment request
  • Your treatment plan will be shared with you minutes after the physician reviews your request
  • You will be notified if there is any additional information needed
  • Any necessary prescriptions or vaccine orders will be sent to your pharmacy
  • A copy of any lab or vaccine orders can be sent directly to you for added convenience
  • If, at any point, online treatment is not recommended, you will not be charged
  • Rest assured, your private information will be protected, stored securely, and kept confidential

The information displayed on this page is for informational purposes only and is not medical opinion or advice.